Below is a series of tutorials featuring a range of useful skills.  Please either browse through the tutorials or use the menu / search bar at the top of the screen to specific information.

Not sure where to begin?  Try looking at the 'Basics' tutorials or perhaps, take control of your inbox.

EP Study Hack

Learn how to take notes as you work through Education Perfect lessons. Save your notes in a safe place and use them to answer questions…

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MHS Student Portal

Learn how to access your timetable, results, assessment calendar and more either on your cellphone or on your computer.

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Screencast (using PowerPoint)

Learn how you can screencast using PowerPoint. This is a fast, easy option if you are working in a computer lab and are not on…

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Web Print

Here’s how you can print your work using MHS Web Print.

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Connect to the MHS WiFi

Learn how to connect to the MHS WiFi. A hard-copy of this document should be on the classroom wall. If it’s missing, please ask your…

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EP – Reset your Password

You should be using the ‘login with Google’ option to access Education Perfect. Having said that, if you are trying to access it on a…

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EP – Join a Class (new users)

New to MHS? If you teacher has given you a join code for Education Perfect, you can use it to create an account and access…

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EP – Join a Class (existing users)

If you already have an Education Perfect account, you can join a class if your teacher gives you a class code. Here’s how.

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EP – Quick Start

If you are new to MHS / have not used Education Perfect before, please watch the video below.

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